I envision the City of Port Coquitlam as a safe and vibrant community that maintains a healthy
environment while developing good infrastructure and economic opportunity for all.



The city has already begun work on how to develop downtown PoCo yet maintain our small
town charm. I believe that as long as we identify and build on existing assets, engage all
members of the community, take advantage of outside funding, create incentives for
redevelopment, encourage investment in the community, encourage cooperation within the rest
of TriCities, and support a clean and healthy environment we will plan for a prosperous Port
Coquitlam for generations to come.



Job creation ties into the business development plan for Port Coquitlam. I don’t want to see PoCo
develop larger buildings or spaces for companies that may impact the heritage and sense of
community that we want to preserve. It is also not in the best interest to recruit companies or
businesses from neighboring cities because that is shifting jobs not job creation. I want to see
Port Coquitlam identify our existing assets and grow our community and jobs in this way.
Investing in community projects, non-for- profit organizations that can not only create jobs but
also give back to the community.









Port Coquitlam’s 2018 Budget has highlighted in the city work plan to invest in road
maintenance, sidewalks, traffic calming improvements, cycling improvements and other active
transportation projects. Projects like these will improve the day-to- day activity of our growing
Port Coquitlam and make it a safer place to work, live and transit. My commitment would be to
ensure that we are as close to the budget as possible and to ensure that we are creating as little
disruption and delay as the process is taking place.


As a community within the Lower Mainland we feel the impacts of the housing crisis. In 2017
Port Coquitlam has been collecting feedback and surveying proposed changes to housing in our
area. Specifically looking at coach houses, smaller lots, duplexes, and secondary parking. My
commitment would be to carefully address these proposed Bylaw amendments and be mindful
of the wellbeing of our residents.


We are fortunate to be bordered by 3 rivers and to have the Salmon spawning stream of Maple
Creek. Ways I envision Port Coquitlam honouring this gift is by developing Walking Tours,
Indigenous Walking Tours, Salmon Spawning season teaching tours and waterways educational
events and tours.

In the Financial Plan 2018 highlights the development of a Community Garden. This will not only
be beneficial for residents to grow and share their own produce but it will also serve the
community in engagement. This garden, and hopefully more, will be a great educational tool
when learning about soil, pollution, genetically modified foods and the importance of bees.


Port Coquitlam has a wealth of events and services to offer so we have opportunity to meet our
neighbors. PoCo is very mindful in investing in everything from schools, library, recreation
centers, to public holiday events and celebrations. The sense of belonging and community is
important to keep connection. That said, I would like to explore areas that the community may
think or feel they could use more support or resources anything from how to communicate with
the city, neighbors, community organizations or local businesses. I would like to see ways we can
bridge support services and our residents who may not be aware they are available.